1. All housing fees are due on the 1st of the month. Any failure by resident to pay fee’s when due, or failure to comply with any other of the conditions of this agreement allows TWO TEN Recovery Inc. to immediately void this agreement. Any infraction of the house rules may result in the immediate termination of the tenant agreement and expulsion from the house, and forfeiture of any tenant fees.

  2. Curfew: All residents who are working will be expected to return to the house by 12.00a.m. Sunday - Thursday and Friday & Saturday. One needs specific permission to leave any earlier than 5:00 am. or return after curfew. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS SO LEAVE IN GOOD TIME TO MAKE IT BACK TO CHECK IN. Curfews are designed to help our residents change behaviors and learn new skills.
  3. New Arrival Curfew: All new residents will return to the house by 10:30 p.m. every day. Attaining employment immediately will directly benefit each resident. (min. 30 days and max. 90 days)

  4. Medication:
    TWO TEN Recovery doesn’t dispense medication.
    Policy prohibits taking mind altering medication. Residents sharing,misusing or receiving medication will be terminated without question. All medications need to be entered in medication log.

  5. Drug and Alcohol Use: Occupancy is made available on the strict understanding that the house is to be, at all times, drug and alcohol free. Should a resident use any illicit drug, consume alcohol, or take drugs not prescribed by a physician, the resident will be discharged immediately from the house. In addition, guests or visitors of a resident who are under the influence of any type of mind altering substances are not permitted, at any times, in the house or on the grounds. Protecting and/or knowing a fellow resident is drinking or using may be cause for immediate dismissal.

  6. House Liability: TWO TEN Recovery is not liable for any personal property during or after the resident’s discharge from the house. Personal property left for 30 days from discharge date will be removed from the premises. TWO TEN Recovery Inc. assumes no responsibility for the personal property of the resident.

  7. Payment Plans: Payment plans will be written for all residents that are $200.00 or more in arrears in program fees. They will be written by housing coordinator and client together. Once resident agrees to plan and signs the document, the document will be enforced. All pay stubs are to be shown to housing coordinator.

  8. Without director’s written permission no resident will:
    • Install paneling, flooring, built in decorations, partitions or railings
    • Drill or attach anything to the floors, walls or ceiling of the house
    • Bring in any dish washing, heating, ventilating, or air conditioning units, or any water filled furniture
    • All personal property not belonging to Recovery Inc. is subject to insurance at resident’s expense
    • Put in any shades, blinds, window guards, and in or outside of the premises
    • Permit the accumulation of refuse in the residential unit.

  9. No loud music. MP3 Walkman type radios allowed. Loud and excessive noise disturbs other residents and will not be tolerated. The TV’s will only be played at reasonable volume levels and violation of these rules will be considered disruptive behavior. Have respect for your neighbor.

  10. Visitation: No visitors except for male sponsors and male spiritual advisors. Women are only allowed at the property if they are a family member. NO UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN ON THE PROPERTY AT ANY TIMES. Visitors must sign in and out with the House Manager. (only in common areas)