House Rules - Responsibility Statement
Responsibility Statement


1. I will not use drugs or alcohol, or any mind-altering substances.
2. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the house as outlined in the Housing Agreement.

3. I will pay housing fees or rent on time.

4. I will attend the mandatory in-house meeting.
5. I will attend seven 12-step meetings per week, and have attendance sheet signed.
6. I agree to participate voluntarily in assigned work activities at the house.
7. I will only smoke outside the House
8. I understand that, when I vacate the premises, I must take all of my belongings at that time. Any personal property remaining thirty days after my departure shall be given to other residents in need or otherwise donated.
9. I agree to return all keys to House Manager upon leaving the facility.
10. I understand that the house is not liable for loss or theft of my personal property, including money.
11. I understand that I will treat everyone with courtesy and respect, including the neighbors; and, in turn, I will be treated the same.
12. I have never been arrested or convicted of any sex crimes or arson.
13. The only regular visitors allowed on property are sponsors. There will be no female visitors at the men's house and likewise no male visitors on the property at the women's house, unless they are family members. No unsupervised children on the premises. Visitors are allowed to be at the house a maximum of ½ hour.