House Rules
Responsibility Statement



1. The house is drug and alcohol free.
2. Visitors must sign in. Only male sponsors and spiritual advisors are allowed to visit.
3. Residents will not alter premises
4. Zero tolerance for any forms of intimidation and/or violence
5. No smoking in the house
6. No sexual activity in the house
7. Residents may not enter another person's room without permission.
8. Residents will participate in all house activities including business meetings, group sessions, and daily/weeklyhousekeeping duties.
9. Residents are not permitted to have any pets.
10. Residents will abide by the curfew
11. Residents are to work, volunteer or attend school during the day. Residents must be awake, dressed, and have areas cleaned by 8:00 am on week days.
12. Residents are required to sign out when leaving premises, and sign in upon returning.